Driving home last night,My rainbow using the same old boring route that ceases to stimulate any thought process any more, watching the rain lashing down angrily at my windscreen, cursing my frustration at the wipers that have seen their last days as they just screech across my windscreen like a cackling witch. Just didn’t think I could feel any worse really a that point. The traffic was simply crawling down the A4 like a constipated centipede of cars.

Yet through the darkness of the clouds, as the sun pushed its rays through, one of the most beautiful rainbows I had ever seen just appeared across the skyline. It was almost as though someone had looked into the darkness of the my heart that very moment and said, “There you go! Feel uplifted. Feel the warmth of the vibrancy of colours that lighten up life” and it was so karmic and special. The journey home thereafter was a lot more fun as I scrambled to take a pic.

Just had to share that thought.

Oh and yes, rainbows are just so special even more so in that not a single dark colour invades the ribbons of red, yellow, pink and green that magnifies its soul even more!!


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