Oh Teardrops, here you come again,

My closest friends,

As you glide along side my emotions,

and comfort as I weep.

Through happiness you shine

You are so totally mine….



When others will betray,

Your misty dew, will forever stay,

With the first breath of life, you exist,

A sign of my birth.

And at death’s frightening doors, you escape,

That last lazy trail,

A completion of our life’s journey together…



A single drop, an ocean of feelings,

My pain, my anger, my laughter, my passion.

Never alone, you’re always there.

A crowded room, a lonely space,

That oh so tender moment when you sparkle with your grace…



You’re an unselfish gesture,

As you leave my soul,

Escaping alone,

You bring relief to end my suffering.

A closure to a chapter as you wash my eyes, to see again,

Oh teardrops,

My closest friends,

I look forward to seeing you some day again……..

Sangeeta Kathuria



  1. Hi, sangi
    I recently read all ur blogs.They were all so well written,such lovely words and expressions u have pen down.U have actually got a gift of writing such interesting things.I really appreciate for ur work.I’ll luk forward to reading ur next work.WELL DONE:).
    Take care!!bye!


    1. Thanks so much Sonal. I absolutely love to write and its even more precious to get such uplifting comments and support such as urs. I’ll keep writing as long as people keep reading xx


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