In lifetimes to come…..

The thoughts of separation from a loved one can bring tears to the eyes and a pain in the smallest part of our hearts. Love is Gods greatest gift to humans and to be able to love to the end is even more special. Just something I penned down for a love that may be lost….Created with the thought of a loved one in mind….

Dont turn your eyes away, my love

I promise thee, to forever remain,

Soon your heart will be my home

Soon your soul will be my domain

Cry not my love,

I promise thee I will not forget,

Those warming hugs, those kisses, those longing glances,

Your gift I take with me,

From whence this point I shall go,

No darkness shall ever dare,

To overshadow the light of your love

No hell can threaten the pain of  separation,

I promise to watch on from above…..

Let go my love,  you must let me go

For now I  must travel alone,

Our journey together has slowed down to the end.

And I can’t take you where I must now go,

Hurt not my love,

But strengthen me with your smile,

The smile I fell in love with,

The one I havent seen for a while…

Let me go to deaths door in peace,

In knowing that I was so loved by you,

Let me go my love,

For we will meet again

should our lives intertwine

In lifetimes to come………

By Sangeeta Kathuria



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