Battles of the Self

The Outer and the Inner self, a constant battle between the two spectrums of the being.

The former i.e. the outer is always given more attention and preference. I mean, all you have to do these days is open any magazine or flick any channel and have every possible accessory thrown in your face from make up to hair styles, from designer dresses to designer shoes, from our fancy posh handbags to the lovely polished fingernails. It’s all about what we look like, what attire we are sporting, all the BLING that accumulates in our jewellery boxes at home, how much money we have in our bank account.

How thin we are, how large we are, how tall we are, how bald we are and the list is endless. We are totally slaves to the eye of the other person to decides for us in an instant, who, what how we are, purely on the basis of these so-called outer elements. We have failed before we have even begun….

The latter, i.e the inner being however, lies back silently and looks on in anticipation waiting to be seen, to be felt, to be heard. This almost ill-fated self sits there feeling far too neglected and it doesn’t stand a chance when trying to compete with all the dazzle and richness of the exterior dominating forces. Hence no one goes beyond that exterior to see that within us, something more fruitful yearns to exist.

Is it a totally insane world that we are continuing to inhabit? I mean, a world where a mother may look at her 2-year-old child and brainwash them into eating less because she thinks it’s not fashionable to be fat (outer appearance) Yet she wouldn’t think twice about whether the child knows how to say please, thank you or sorry (inner beliefs)!!

It’s quite regressive working outside looking in. Wouldn’t it be better to start from within, to train our mind, to instil a sense of well-being within ourselves before we start to work on our outer shell. Surely the make up we women love to wear will be more enhanced with the soft glow of the peace from within and sense of equilibrium in our hearts. For it’s in the finding of inner peace and inner happiness, that inner sense of confidence and beauty that will radiate through and show the world that “you know what, I’m great, coz I feel great from inside” and slowly there will be a merging of the two entities into one. Now that would be the way to grow and bring the two entities together in a perfect union. As one. As the ultimate being.

Allow me to liken this to a flower that’s about to bloom. Before it dares to dazzle the world with its outer beauty, the petals are closed into a ball and the flower works on getting its inner anatomy perfect and in the right sense of being. Only then, when it’s reached that level of some perfection within, will it open its petals one by one, allowing its beauty and outer being to be exposed. Boy oh boy, that rose needs no make up, no diamonds, no airbrushing. It’s just itself, as it is and it’s just so desired and loved.

To grow in this way from childhood could almost create the perfect being. For only when we hold on to positive inner beliefs and grow with these, will this then reflect on our outer beauty. There will be no need for plastic smiles as being happy with yourself, in love with our own inner disposition will automatically bring out a smile no matter how dismal a situation is. It’s that sense of discipline, that’s going to create that sense of confidence in us, sense of determination and discipline that will create waves. And slowly but surely, we will be looked at beyond that hard exterior shelf.

 It is then that the battle will cease, the  weapons will fall and the inner and outer being will hug one another in harmony and live the ultimate life of rejuvenated energy and oneness….

However it’s a difficult path to walk and hence, a path is usually not trodden by many of us….

Aldous Huxley once said “There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.” so there is a chance for us all isn’t there?


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