Oh Ma…

Watched a rather disturbing factual piece of television work last night on female foeticide and the disturbing facts bothered me through the night.

 We heard what all the people had to say, what the mums have to say,  what the public have to say, but do we dare to think what the unborn child may have to say? What she thinks? 

Or do we think she may not be thinking at all? I dont think so. 

A few words written as an interpretation of what she may have been thinking… She being the one who wasnt given the chance!!!

I feel the fear in your thoughts oh Ma,

That flutter in your heart, that confusion that plagues your mind,

Cover your ears listen not, oh Ma,

Those words that spew from biased souls

Cry not oh Ma, for no hand will wipe those tears,

No heart will have mercy, no kind words will ever be shared.

Decisions have been made, our choices have not been asked

There has to be a way oh Ma, surely at one point they cared.


Be strong for me oh Ma, be firm, be still, be calm,

I may just be a few weeks growing,

Yet still I sense the threat of harm,

The confines of the safe cradle of your womb,

Allows me not to break away free

I’m trusting you, oh Ma, to save the life force within

Let me be born oh Ma, find a way, to stop this sin.


You will find a  friend in me oh Ma,

A soul mate to forever hold your hand,

I promise to love and adore you oh Ma

To obey, to listen, to understand,

So don’t let them destroy me oh Ma,

Dont let them decide our fate

I trust you will find a way oh Ma,

Please do something, before it’s too late….


I can hear their angry voices oh Ma,

Its loud, so close, im scared so afraid.

I so need you to hear my pleas

Go now be quick, I hear you cry

Dont let this insanity prevail oh Ma,

Please please please, don’t let me die.

Can they not see beyond their madness,

Can they really cross this line?

Can they not understand oh darling Ma

To be a girl was no fault of mine???


Sangeeta Kathuria


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