The Key to life….

Such beautiful words from a legend and so true. 

Indeed happiness is the key to life and the shame in the matter is that we live in such a preconditioned society, that happiness is being defined by materials all the time. We look for happiness in fancy clothes made from synthetics  expensive cars made of steel, mansions made from bricks and mortar, but we don’t look deep in our heart or soul to see that happiness lies in much more simple things than this.

If I could turn back time, and if anyone asked me the same question again, rather than saying I would like to be anything that was associated with monetary value,  I would wish to have echoed John Lennon’s words.

Why seek for happiness from external man made forces? Shouldnt we try to find happiness from within first?

But it’s not too late. I still havent grown up and I can say with hand on my heart, that when I DO grow up,  I just want to be happy and make all those connected to my soul happy too and maybe, just maybe, along the way,  I too will  discover the essence associated with the meaning of LIFE…….


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