Post baby weighty issues….

It’s as though our minds are so idle that we sit around thinking of such unimportant things in our lives such as the content associated with this article.

Reading it frustrated me, angered me and then amused me and I felt compelled to voice my personal thoughts and feelings on it.

It’s so typical really isn’t it? Once the mother has given birth, the first point of concern of course is directed toward the health and well-being of the child. Is the child well? Is the baby normal? Are all the health risks eliminated before the newborn can be taken home? Yes, that is the first thought that crosses any normal human beings mind when a newborn takes its first breath in our world.

However, in the society we now inhabit, that concern shifts every so quickly, in the ensuing months, or more like in today’s times, in a matter of weeks, to the post baby weight of the mother. Every magazine you pick up these days throws this in our faces. I mean, really? Is it actually considered to be realistic and normal for a mother who has just had a baby, who has to learn a whole new way of life, who has another being to think about besides her own, to suddenly spend the first month out of hospital to focus on how quickly she can whip herself back into a size 6 party dress? Has common sense vanished straight out our front doors on this one?

Reading this article actually made me feel sorry for the poor actress who is being scrutinized under the microscopic lens of her so-called fans and other not so generous people. Surely the first few months or year after having been through one of the most challenging experiences of ones life, needs to be addressed with less critical response. Being the centre of the world’s eyes and in such a celebrity status already robs one of living a life of normality. Indeed, Ash has chosen to live under this limelight and it’s a choice she has lived with throughout her career with grace and dignity. However, shouldn’t we allow her to decide when she is ready to go back to the weight that she feels comfortable with at her own pace rather than tormenting her with words that are probably hurting her more than we may think?

I haven’t read a single article on her husband voicing any complaints about what his wife may look like nor any accusations from her in-laws, her parents or friends. So who are we, the fans, to decide that she needs to be the target of such nasty comments and cruel write-ups!! Shouldn’t we give this intelligent self-made woman decide for herself when would be the right time for her to shift her focus away from her baby and toward her figure? Its her choice. Its her body and her time. She will decide when its time to shed those kilos and I’m sure she will!

It’s actually quite nice to read something so human about a celebrity rather than picking up a magazine that throws unrealistic statistics at us all the time.  It’s a pleasant change to see one of the “most beautiful women” in the world actually show the rest of us women that she too, is a normal mother who is busy enjoying her time relaxing with her new-born, taking a break from her career and living her life according to her terms and her comfort zone. That she can sport beefy arms or a double chin and still look better than a lot of women who feel pressurized into squeezing back in their designer dresses so soon. Kudos to the lady actually. There is a touch of realness in her persona. She is not the so-called “perfect” woman that we all place on a pedestal all the time. She has managed to enjoy a fabulous career, has made a worldwide name for herself, fame and money lie at her feet and when she had to entertain, she ensured that she looked absolutely pristine and breathtakingly beautiful in order to make her fans happy. Now she has adopted the real life role of a daughter in law, a wife and finally a mother. Surely we should celebrate this as inspirational for the rest of us women? Believe me, I feel more threatened in seeing a Victoria Bekham slip back into a size zero frame weeks after having a baby than watching a woman behave as women have been for centuries!!!

So lets allow her to simply be herself and stop our cruel taunts. Believe you me, when she does get back in shape, peace and harmony will not suddenly bless our world, poverty wont stop, terrorist attacks wont stop happening. All I’m saying is that the more important things threatening our world will not suddenly be eradicated simply by the way this celebrity chooses to look. I think we all need to get our priorities straight and stop endorsing unrealistic pressures into the minds of the women in our countries! We have enough complex issues about the way we look thank you very much without having to have more added to the ever-growing pile……


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