Mirrors…. my friend or foe

Looking ever so coyly,

glancing from the corner of my eye,

The reflection that smiles right back at me,

Is it a truth or merely a lie?

Oh mirror, I do so love your honesty

You soothe the turmoils of my mind

The beauty you reflect brings a smile to my face,

I leave my insecurities so far behind


But alas, one day I turned from you,

You’ve deceived me you fiend,  you lied

You dared to feed my ego so,

You never once looked inside.

The vain images you portrayed were false indeed

For all you reflected was a shell

The beauty I saw in your eyes all my life

Was a contrast to an inner hell!


The ugly demons who live within

The sins who find a home in my heart

 You failed to show my darker side

Twin images that lived so far apart!

So now my mirror, I shall look away

For I have to search much closer within

The day you find a way to reflect the beauty of my soul

My friend you will become therein…..

By sangeeta kathuria



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