Life’s lost rainbows..

Shadows of darkness clouding my world, momentarily my eyes cease to see,

Assimilation of jaundiced colours on life’s palette, that dare to tarnish me

The obscure ebony of the Black, the murky marshy lowlands in the Brown, the frozen icy waters of troubled rivers not quite the Blue so alive, so free…

* * * *

Oh, how I long for these eyes to behold,

The colours of a fruitful existence  again

Vibrant illuminations that once brightened this heart and soul…

Where are you my sunny, brilliant Yellow, bursting with liquid sunshine to lift me to the skies?

Where are you hiding, you raving ruby Red, pumping, circulating, carrying on a life force within?

Why do you shy away from my existence oh you sparkling, twinkling emerald Green, the grass just doesn’t look the same in your absence…

* * * *

Alas I realise, the games of hide and seek you colours dare to play

For will I appreciate the vibrancy of an enlightenment you promise tomorrow,

Without having to wade through the  pits of a momentary eclipse, that scars my today?

* * * *

But I shall smile and embrace this temporary denial of the pleasures of your brightened hues

To bravely walk the land of melancholy

I warn you though, I shan’t ever allow your invasion to remain so long.

My resistance to your darkness will stand ground

For a life filled with the ribbons of the multi-coloured rainbows

Will reign in my life again, some day


When its strength will ultimately set me free….


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