Guilty Shores of Life….

Monsoon tides fight up in anger,
Engulfed by waves, they cannot see,
These eyes that are threatened by darkness so blinding,
stinging mist of guilty tears
or is it just me?

Raging roars so loud they threaten, they deafen
The errors of a past so plain to see ,
These hands that shake and tremble in fear,
The devil’s are they?
Or do they belong to me?

The errors of a foolish mind,
That haunt my life, that hinders on bleak,
Had sense of reason been lost that day?
When had I become so weak?
Too weak?

Repentance this soul is seeking of mine,
Forgiveness so far lies ashore
Across crashing waves I fight for each breath
As my soul drowns more and more…

O stillness of the waters, where do you hide?
Can the storms of guilty shores ever subside?
Choking heart blocked with the horrors of a past,
The stifling soul has finally died….





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