Goodnight everyone….

A hard day at work or school and the hustle bustle of a busy evening can be melted away by a small but meaningful habit that has become so desirable in our home.

When its time to go to bed, it’s our three-year old little dictator Rishaan, who goes around switching off the lights and instructing us all that its “night time” and “bed time”. No chance for anyone to carry on and watch those last 10 minutes of the ending of a good movie.

Then its time to grab his Blaze and the monster machines water bottle and onward and up to his room to get ready for bed. A terrible struggle to get him to brush his little teeth but a fight he is ready to face each night with a smile after a tantrum of course. After a few jumps and forward flips on the bed its a run over to his chest of drawers and choosing two books from his favourite collection of the Maisie story books (has to be different each night otherwise I start to go insane just a little) ready to be entertained with a good bed time story. After his attempt to tell the story in his own words and giving us the sound effects, its time to settle in to listen to mummy as she proceeds to deliver the story in her way.

But before that is the best habit that he seems to have developed over the last few weeks. First a quick trip to big brothers room, big hug and kiss and saying goodnight and love you. Then on to daddy and throws his arms around his neck with a big goodnight and love you papa. Then its mummy’s turn usually with the biggest kiss and warmest goodnight (he’s mummy’s boy so the partiality is forgiven) and believe me, that just has to be one of the best ways to look forward to a good night’s sleep. Always the same pattern and never missing anyone out. I can feel the heaviness of a rubbish or stress filled day obliterate in one moment.

Ritual is as important to our children as they grow up as it is to adults. It’s an adherence to their set of rules and a habit that helps them grow into disciplined individuals. Things are just not the same when these little rituals are missed so it’s that one great thing in our house to look forward when we all get ready to sleep away our days troubles. A warm hug and kiss lifts us all to a level of happiness that melts away the issues that have bothered us during the day. Lets hope this carries on a little longer before he forgets to do it or turns into a grumpy teen who would rather jump on hot coals than hug us goodnight.


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